Speak Truth to Power

President Trump has become a tool of the "Swamp" he pledged
to drain and Lee Zeldin is Trump's apologist and puppet. 
Lee Zeldin doesn't represent us.
He is a big money recipient of donations from people
like the Koch Brothers and the NRA.
Long Island deserves a representative whose actions reflect the values of our people,
not billionaires corporate lobbyists and special interests.  

I have: 

- Prevented gerrymandering in a federal court case

- Voted to regulate campaign financing in Suffolk County

- Tackled racist rhetoric in policymaking and law enforcement

- Held the wealthy accountable for taxes, creating more revenue for healthcare and public resources

- Stood at the barricades, to work and protest for social change, fairness and opportunity for all





I will: 

- Stand up to the NRA to keep guns away from those who should least have them

- Overturn Citizens United and place limits on political campaign spending

- Provide public forums for transparency, questions, and input

- Fight for public financing of elections.
- I will fight for an independent, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

- I will work to keep Wall Street accountable to Main Street

- Create a nonpartisan commission to draw district lines to avoid "gerrymandering"