Economic Opportunity for All

I will fight for an economy that works for everyone.
I believe in creating opportunity for all and I reject the “1% economics” 
of Representative Lee Zeldin (NY-R, CD 1) and President Donald Trump.
I will work tirelessly to create opportunities for the next generation by lowering student contributions to tuition and streamlining student debt.
I support the growth of sustainable energy and other progressive industries
that can take America into the next century in this
highly competitive world marketplace. 

As your Representative, I will:

– Fight for a national living wage

– Support job growth in sustainable energy and medical research industries

Repeal Republican tax scheme that favor corporations and the wealthy

– Reinstate tax deductions for workers and students

– Restore Net Neutrality, leveling the playing field for smaller internet companies

– Work to reduce student tuition and debt

– Ensure equal pay for equal work

– Oppose cuts to Social Security and public healthcare

– Increase the economic self-sufficiency of women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ community members, and people with disabilities

I have:

– Co-sponsored a bill to instate a living wage on Long Island, as a Suffolk County legislator

– Expanded public transportation services, especially for Long Island veterans

– Sponsored creation of Food Policy Council, making healthy foods more accessible in Suffolk County

– Financed my Congressional campaign through Long Island families’ contributions, not corporate bribes or super PACs

– Spread education on earned income tax credits to maximize workers’ tax benefits

– Created a Welfare-to-Work Commission in Suffolk County to create clearer
pathways towards employment for those earning income benefits

– Increased LGBTQIA+ couples’ economic self-suffiency by supporting marriage equality prior to its legalization in NYS