Protecting our Environment

We only have one world - we must work
with those we share it with to keep it healthy
and capable of supporting future generations.

Vivian discusses her experience of helping local economies by protecting the environment.

I will:

- Create more jobs by investing in sustainable energy industries

- Ensure we participate in the Paris Climate Accord

- Fund climate change research

- Cap CO2 emissions nationally

- Regulate our air and water quality

- Preserve farmland and National Parks

- Protect endangered and threatened species




I have: 

- Placed cap on CO2 emissions from power plants, reducing greenhouse gases

- Banned MTBE (a carcinogenic additive in gasoline)

- Prohibited the sale, introduction and cultivation of invasive plant species in Suffolk County

- Sponsored program to encourage Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), modernizing Suffolk County architecture

- Required new municipal buildings to use green technologies and pass LEED standards

- Created Victory Garden Task Force to promote community gardening and healthy, sustainable food sources in Suffolk County

- Preserved historic farmland in Suffolk County, including Sherwood-Jayne Farmstead, Forsythe Meadow Woods, and Detmer Farm