Universally Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare is a human right. I will ensure that healthcare is affordable for everyone
As a County legislator, I addressed the rise in substance addiction by
intervening in Long Island high school drug exchanges.
Serving on the board of Long Island Planned Parenthood I am resolute in standing up for woman's right to choose.

I will:

- Fight for Medicare for All (HR 676)

- Establish affordable access to mental health services

- Protect women's healthcare by funding contraception under Planned Parenthood and Medicaid

- Ease affordable access to treatments and mental health support for those suffering from addiction

- Oppose the Hyde Amendment and protect Roe v. Wade to preserve women's reproductive rights


I have:

- Vice-Chairperson of the Health & Human Services Committee

- Served as a Planned Parenthood board member

- Required NYS insurance companies to reimburse or cover cervical cancer test

- Fought to maintain Public Health Nurse program in Suffolk County

- Declared Melanoma Awareness Month in May in Suffolk County to raise awareness for this preventable disease