Everyone deserves equal treatment

America is at its best when we all work together.

Black, White, Latino, or Asian; we are all diverse parts of the same American Dream. 

We cannot tolerate those that would pull us apart, or try to exploit self-created divisions for political gain. 

I will: 

- Protect the Dream Act/DACA

- Fight for equitable sentencing laws for all races

- Be a bridge between people of color and law enforcement

- Prescribe rehabilitation instead of incarceration

- Fight for equal pay for equal work

- Ensure that religious beliefs do not bolster discriminatory practices

- Institute more and better community policing

I have:

- Been a Democrat for over 50 years

- Stood up for progressive values all my life

- Served as a public school teacher for more than 30 years

- Fought to extend public transportation for our veterans to access healthcare at the Stony Brook Vet's Center

- Sponsored the Domestic Registry Bill in Suffolk County in 1999